“The Ag Day Scholarship is more than a financial gift, it’s a gift of hope. The hope I can make a better life for myself and those in my community because the hope to finish my degree has been ignited by this scholarship. The Ag Day scholarship demonstrates there are individuals who believe I can accomplish my dreams and make a difference in this world. Currently, it is difficult to pay bills while trying to balance my career path, but because of the Ag Day Scholarship I will be able to continue my studies and not stress about my finances. The support this scholarship gives students, such as myself, could never be expressed in words alone. I am truly grateful for the support the Ag Day Scholarship has bestowed upon me.”

“Changing the world for the better starts with helping one individual at a time. This is why I volunteer in my community and offer assistance to those in need. Anything from a smile, my time, my compassion, I gladly give to help make someone else’s day. One day soon I will become a specialized veterinarian in the field of genetic and infectious diseases. I will positively impact the world because changing the world for the better is my career goal.”

Wechonhpe Ray

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