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Samantha (Sammi) King

“Thank you so much for your kind offer to help assist me continue my college career. Your donation to my scholarly studies is greatly appreciated and just inspires me to be an even better version of myself. Being a part of the College of Agriculture has given me a sense of a community and a…

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Patricia Vail

“With 2 weeks left to go in the semester, this is the time that it is easy to wonder if all of the hours of commitment to my education are worth it. Receiving recognition in the form of this scholarship has given me the motivation that my commitment to excellence is indeed rewarding. Thank you.…

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Cetan Christensen

“I am honored to be one of the recipients for the Ag Day Scholarship. The support offered by this scholarship will allow me to continue the pursuit of higher education. Growing up with little financial privileges have made seeking education challenging, but has also enabled me to see the value of education and made me…

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Grace Branaugh

“Working towards earning two degrees in the College of Agriculture takes a lot of work and determination, and your financial support allows me to better focus on my academics and not worry as much about paying for tuition. I am excited to complete my degrees and to eventually work in the Agriculture Industry, and it…

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Paul Skillin

  “Thank you so much for your generous scholastic gift. For me personally, it will help to alleviate some of the debts as well as the stress which is associated with that debt. I still have a lot of academic work to go, but it will be much easier with the assistance you have provided…

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